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Prepare for CUET UG Exam 2024 with AI Personal Teacher and effective preparation strategies for students. CUET Exam Pattern & Syllabus for domain specific subject Political Science, Sociology, Psychology, History, Geography, Business Studies, Economics, Accountancy, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Biology

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CUET UG Syllabus

EaseToLearn is providing an exclusive interface for your CENTRAL UNIVERSITIES ENTRANCE TEST (CUET) UNDERGRADUATE (CUET UG) 2024. Get the latest updated CUET UG mock test series, CUET UG previous year question papers, and CUET UG Question Bank. Sign up on Easetolearn-CUET UG-Course to get the Latest CUET UG Syllabus 2024.


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The CUET UG 2024 examination consists of four sections with different numbers of languages:


  1. Section IA (Language): Candidates can choose from 13 languages for this section.
  2. Section IB : This section includes 20 languages for candidates to choose from.
  3. Section II (Domain Subject): Candidates can select from 27 domain-specific subjects, including Accountancy, Economics, Physics, Computer Science/Informatics Practices, Mathematics (Applied & Core), and Chemistry, etc with different durations for each subject.
  4. Section III (General Test): This section does not specify the number of languages but is part of the exam pattern.


In CUET UG Exam Questions are asked mainly from the following topics/subtopics


Section IA & IB: Language to be tested through Reading Comprehension (based on different types of passages–Factual, Literary and Narrative, and Literary Aptitude and Vocabulary.

Questions from the Language Section will be from the following topics but are not limited to:

1. Reading Comprehension:
There will be three types of passages (maximum 300-350 words):
i. Factual
ii. Narrative
iii. Literary
2. Verbal Ability
3. Rearranging the parts
4. Choosing the correct word
5. Synonyms and Antonyms
6. Vocabulary


Section II (Domain Subject): As given on NTA website


Section III : General Knowledge, Current Affairs, General Mental Ability, Numerical Ability, Quantitative Reasoning (Simple application of basic mathematical concepts Arithmetic / Algebra / Geometry / Mensuration / Statistics), Logical and Analytical Reasoning .


The syllabus for subjects is available on the NTA website


FAQs related to CUET UG Exam Syllabus 2024


  1. Q: What is the syllabus of CUET UG?
    • A: The syllabus of CUET UG varies depending on the program and university. However, it generally includes topics from subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English Language, General Knowledge, and Current Affairs.


  1. Q: Is the syllabus the same for all undergraduate programs under CUET?
    • A: No, the syllabus may vary depending on the program. For example, the syllabus for a B.Sc program may include topics from Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry, while the syllabus for a BA program may include topics from subjects like History, Geography, and Political Science.


  1. Q: Where can I find the detailed syllabus for CUET UG?
    • A: The detailed syllabus for CUET UG is usually available on the official website of the National Testing Agency (NTA) or the respective central university conducting the exam. Candidates can also refer to the official brochure or information bulletin for the specific program they are applying to.


  1. Q: How should I prepare for the CUET UG syllabus?
    • A: To prepare for the CUET UG syllabus, candidates should:
      • Start by understanding the exam pattern and syllabus outline.
      • Gather relevant study materials and textbooks recommended for their program.
      • Create a study plan and allocate time to cover each subject/topic systematically.
      • Practice solving sample papers, previous years' question papers, and mock tests to assess their preparation level.
      • Focus on strengthening weak areas and revising important topics regularly.


  1. Q: Are there any specific topics I should focus on for CUET UG?
    • A: While preparing for CUET UG, candidates should focus on core subjects relevant to their chosen program. For example, candidates applying for engineering programs should focus more on Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry, while candidates applying for humanities or social science programs should focus on subjects like History, Geography, Economics, etc.


  1. Q: Is the syllabus for CUET UG similar to other national-level entrance exams?
    • A: The syllabus for CUET UG may overlap with other national-level entrance exams to some extent, especially for common subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and English Language. However, there may be variations depending on the specific requirements of the central universities conducting CUET.


  1. Q: Is there any section-wise weightage in the CUET UG syllabus?
    • A: The section-wise weightage in the CUET UG syllabus may vary depending on the program and university. Candidates should carefully review the exam pattern and syllabus outline provided by the conducting authority to understand the distribution of marks across different sections/topics.
#Note: The information provided above is just an indicative information of what is provided, and available. We make no such claim about the accuracy and reliability of this information. For more accurate/current information, please visit or contact the concerned institute/college/authorities.