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The AI revolution is here!

We as humans harbor a multitude of capacities. Being forced to learn linearly is only an inhibition of our talents. We, at EaseToLearn aim to create an infrastructure of learning that will enable intensive comprehension without it being a burden. Through our services, we strive toward reshaping the entire learning culture by - Empowering Learners, Engaging Parents and Facilitating Educators.


Empowering Learners.

ETL Student App - Revolutionize the way you learn

    MY Study Room

  • Smart Learning: Identify and bridge knowledge gaps rapidly.
  • Study Material: Aggregate resources for seamless learning.
  • MY Exam Prep

  • Topic Test Simulator: Realistic topic-specific assessments.
  • Exam Simulator: Mimic real exam conditions for precise evaluation.
  • Performance Analytics: Track progress and enhance exam readiness.

Facilitating Educators.

ETL Teacher App - tool to engage students and manage classes

  • AI-based Online Assessments: Instant feedback for class and students.
  • Live Classes: Subject and exam-specific simulations.
  • Schedule Classes/Tests: Get insights to enhance teaching effectiveness.
  • Content Sharing: Seamless sharing of educational materials.
  • Doubt Clearing: Remote or online, individually or in batches.

Engaging Parents.

ETL Parent App - Monitor and track your child's progress

  • Engage: to support your child's educational journey with real time updates
  • Dashboard: Snap shot view of performance at your fingertips
  • Reports and Analytics: Drill down graphs, charts, and analytics to understand shortcomings in detail
  • Communication: with teachers/mentors and SME

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AI generated assessments

So, what is MY Study Room™ ?

Introducing a game changer in the way you Learn

Bid farewell to running off to a thousand different places, we have it all under one roof! Study room enables comprehensive self-learning. You waste more time in searching material than studying it. MY Study Room solves this problem by providing carefully curated study material and a self-assessment tool which helps you accelerate your learning by identifying the gaps in your knowledge and assisting you to fill the knowledge gaps then and there. It is assessment for learning. You focus only on the subject areas not known to you thus saving your precious time. It makes learning stress free but is still challenging and enjoyable. You achieve well-rounded knowledge of all the concepts. Unlike your other study buddies, MY Study Room doesn't hesitate to share its study material and self assessor completely free of cost.

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What Benefits do you get if you opt MY Study Room™ ?

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Assessment For Learning

Self Assessor to simulate your own assessments subject-wise/topic-wise/subtopic-wise and keyword-wise to identify gaps in your knowledge

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Comprehensively Compiled Content

Study Materials in form of Videos, PPTs, PDFs, HTML pages organized in hierarchical manner subject-wise/topic-wise/subtopic-wise and keyword-wise

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Immediate Help, Teacher Help

Fill identified knowledge gaps with help from books, Google, study material, videos and friends. Teacher monitors your study and can assist online/offline

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Detailed Reports and Analytics

To record your assessments for future analysis and compare your performance with bench marks

What do we get with MY Study Room™ ?

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Study Material

Study Materials in form of Videos, PPTs, PDFs, HTML pages organized in hierarchical manner subject-wise/topic-wise/subtopic-wise and keyword-wise.

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Smart Learning

Smart Learning to simulate your own assessments subject-wise/topic-wise/subtopic-wise and keyword-wise to identify gaps in your knowledge

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Subject we Offer FREE of cost with MY Study Room™ ?


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Subject offered
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Computer Science


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Subject offered
  • Accounting
  • Bussiness Studies
  • Economics


humanities icon of people with diversity ETL
Subject offered
  • Geography
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Law

General Topics

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Subject offered
  • English
  • General Knowledge
  • General Studies
  • General Mental Ability
  • Aptitude

Behold... MY Exam Room™

MY Exam Room helps comprehensive preparation of all competitive exams and recruitment exams. The topic and exam (mock) tests are simulated on extensive predefined parameters such as Types of questions, Number of questions, Level of Questions, Difficulty of questions, Marks methodology, Time to complete the test, Topics/subtopics weightage using historical patterns, Questions number and type topic/subtopic wise using patterns and intelligence, Section-wise definitions if required and Benchmarks based of historical results and subjects matter expert. This all along with inputs covering exam guidelines and previous year trends using computer intelligence and creating patterns near to examiner's mind. As such the accuracy of test is good and results give accurate indication of success or failures in upcoming exams.

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How is MY Exam Room™ Different From Study Room™

MY Study Room™Click to play video
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Assessment for Learning- FREE of cost for lifetime

Study Room is based on concept of Formative Assessments wherein assessments are used to enhance and speed up learning aided by our Study Material, books, teachers and web. Learners have complete freedom to take help and fill gaps in their knowledge. Formative Assessments are more central to individual learning and as such learners are not graded. Even marks are yardsticks to measure individual performance and not for comparison/grading, It is Assessment FOR Learning.

MY Exam Room™Click to play video
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Assessment of Learning with professional test series

MY Exam Room is based on concept of Summative Assessment. These assessments are typically done after student has completed the study of topics/subjects. These are used to evaluate or grade the students at the end of academic period or at pre-determined time. In competitive exams, the results of summative assessments are used to select the students for a course or job. The tests are in a controlled environment with marking patterns and are to be completed in stipulated time. This is Assessment OF Learning.

Customer Testimonials


The mock test is provided by this site is best for completing exam and also pocket friendly.


This website allow us to give Tancet mca practice test any time which is usefull for me


Kcet online practice test of EaseToLearn are good and its cover all topics from where questions are come in my exam

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