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UPSC CMS Syllabus

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Easetolearn will cover and provide you with an updated syllabus of the UPSC CMS 2024 Exam which covers topics- General Medicine, Surgery, Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Preventive, Social and Community Medicine, and Paediatrics


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UPSC CMS Syllabus for Paper-I 2024


Topic of paper 

Number of Questions

General Medicine







Syllabus of General Medicine


The syllabus of UPSC CMS General Medicine consists of the following topics:



Respiratory diseases






Metabolic disorders

Infections/Communicable Diseases









Diseases of the skin (Dermatology)

Musculoskeletal System



Emergency Medicine

Common Poisoning


Tropical Medicine

Critical Care Medicine

Emphasis on medical procedures

Patho physiological basis of diseases

Vaccines preventable diseases and Non-vaccines preventable diseases

Vitamin deficiency diseases

In psychiatry consists – Depression, psychosis, anxiety, bipolar diseases, and Schizophrenia.


Syllabus of Paediatrics


The syllabus of UPSC CMS Paediatrics consists of the following topics:


Common childhood emergencies,

Basic new-born care,

Normal developmental milestones,

Accidents and poisonings in children,

Birth defects and counselling including autism,

Immunization in children,

Recognizing children with special needs and management, and

National programs related to child health


UPSC CMS Syllabus for Paper-II 2024


Topic of Paper

Number of Questions



Gynaecology & Obstetrics


Preventive & Social Medicine





Syllabus of Surgery


The UPSC CMS surgery syllabus includes the following topics:






Blood vessels


Head and neck


Alimentary tract






Liver, Bile, Pancreas



Abdominal wall

Abdominal injuries

Urological Surgery

Neuro Surgery

Otorhinolaryngology E.N.T.

Thoracic surgery

Orthopaedic surgery




Diagnosis and management of common surgical ailments

Pre-operative and post-operative care of surgical patients

Medicolegal and ethical issues of surgery

Wound healing

Fluid and electrolyte management in surgery

Shock patho-physiology and management.


Syllabus of Obstetrics


The UPSC CMS Obstetrics syllabus includes the following topics:


Ante-natal conditions

Intra-natal conditions

Post-natal conditions

Management of normal labors or complicated labor


Syllabus of Gynaecology


The UPSC CMS Gynaecology syllabus includes the following topics:


Questions on applied anatomy

Questions on applied physiology of menstruation and fertilization

Questions on infections in the genital tract

Questions on neoplasma in the genital tract

Questions on the displacement of the uterus

Normal delivery and safe delivery practices

High-risk pregnancy and management


Intra-Uterine growth retardation

Medicolegal examination in obgy and Gynae including Rape.


Syllabus of Family Planning


The UPSC CMS Family Planning syllabus includes the following topics:


Conventional contraceptives

U.D. and oral pills

The operative procedure, sterilization, and organization of programs in the urban and rural surroundings

Medical Termination of Pregnancy


Syllabus of Preventive Social and Community Medicine


The syllabus of  UPSC CMS Preventive Social and Community Medicine includes the following topics:


Social and Community Medicine

Concept of Health, Disease and Preventive Medicine

Health Administration and Planning

General Epidemiology

Demography and Health Statistics

Communicable Diseases

Environmental Health

Nutrition and Health

Non-communicable diseases

Occupational Health

Genetics and Health

International Health

Medical Sociology and Health Education

Maternal and Child Health

National Programmes

Management of common health problems

Ability to monitor national health programs

Knowledge of maternal and child wellness

Ability to recognize, investigate, report, plan and manage community health problems including malnutrition and emergencies.


FAQs related to UPSC CMS Exam Syllabus 2024-


1.     What is the UPSC CMS Exam?

·   The UPSC CMS Exam is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) for the recruitment of medical officers in various government organizations like the Indian Railways, Indian Ordnance Factories Health Service, Central Health Service, etc.


2.     What is the syllabus for the UPSC CMS Exam?

·  The syllabus for the UPSC CMS Exam includes topics from various subjects such as General Medicine, Pediatrics, Surgery, Gynaecology & Obstetrics, and Preventive & Social Medicine.


3.     Is the UPSC CMS Exam syllabus subject to change every year?

·  The core subjects and topics covered in the UPSC CMS Exam syllabus remain relatively consistent. However, minor changes or updates may occur occasionally. It's essential for aspirants to stay updated with the latest notifications from UPSC.


4.     How can I prepare effectively for the UPSC CMS Exam?

·  Effective preparation for the UPSC CMS Exam involves understanding the syllabus thoroughly, creating a study schedule, practicing previous years' question papers, referring to standard textbooks recommended for medical studies, and staying updated with current affairs, especially related to health and medicine.


5.     Are there any recommended books for UPSC CMS Exam preparation?

·   Yes, there are several books recommended for UPSC CMS Exam preparation, such as: "Review of Preventive & Social Medicine" by Vivek Jain, "Textbook of Medicine" by S. N. Chugh, "Textbook of Surgery" by S. Das, "Essentials of Gynaecology" by S. N. Tripathy, "Textbook of Pediatrics" by A.Parthasarathy, "Anatomy: Review for New National Boards" by Patrick W. Tank.


6.     Is there any negative marking in the UPSC CMS Exam?

·  Yes, there is a penalty for wrong answers in the UPSC CMS Exam. One-third (0.33) of the marks assigned to a question will be deducted as a penalty for each incorrect response.


7.     Are there any specific topics that require special attention in the UPSC CMS Exam?

·  While all subjects are important, candidates should pay special attention to topics related to recent advancements in medical science, government health schemes, and public health initiatives as these are often included in the exam.


#Note: The information provided above is just an indicative information of what is provided, and available. We make no such claim about the accuracy and reliability of this information. For more accurate/current information, please visit or contact the concerned institute/college/authorities.