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UPSC CMS Reference Books

UPSC CMS Exam Reference Books 2024

Paper I


  • Anatomy
    • "Human Anatomy" by BD Chaurasia [Elsevier]
  • Physiology
    • "Ganong's Physiology Review" by Kim E Barrett, et al. [McGraw-Hill Education]
  • Biochemistry
    • "Harper's Illustrated Biochemistry" by Robert K Murray, et al. [Lange Medical Books]
  • Pathology
    • "Textbook of Pathology" by Harsh Mohan [Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers]
  • Pharmacology
    • "Goodman & Gilman's Manual of Pharmacology and Therapeutics" by Laurence L Brunton, et al. [McGraw-Hill Medical]


Paper II


  • Surgery
    • "Bailey & Love's Short Practice of Surgery" by Norman S. Williams [CRC Press]
    • "SRB's Manual of Surgery" by SRB Surgical [Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers]
  • Medicine
    • "Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine" by Dan L. Longo [McGraw-Hill Education]
    • "Davidson's Principles and Practice of Medicine" by Brian R. Walker [Elsevier]
  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology
    • "Williams Obstetrics" by Barbara L. Gossett [Wolters Kluwer]
    • "Dutta's Textbook of Obstetrics" by Cunningham [McGraw-Hill Education]
  • Paediatrics
    • "Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics" by Robert M. Kliegman [Elsevier]
    • "Ghai Essential Pediatrics" by O.P. Ghai [CBS Publishers & Distributors]
  • Preventive & Social Medicine
    • "Park's Textbook of Preventive and Social Medicine" by K. Park [Banarsidas Bhanot Publishers]
    • "Community Medicine with Practical Applications" by R. Geethangiri [Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers]
  • ENT
    • "Dhanwantri's ENT, Head & Neck Surgery" by PK Gupta [Elsevier]


Additional Resources


  • The UPSC website ( provides the latest syllabus and exam pattern for the CMS exam.
  • Previous years' question papers can be a valuable resource for understanding the types of questions that are asked in the exam. You can find these on the UPSC website or through coaching institutes.
  • There are a number of coaching institutes that offer courses and study materials for the UPSC CMS exam. These can be a helpful supplement to your self-study.




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