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UPPSC-PCS Reference Books



UPPSC PCS Prelims & Mains Reference Books 2024: Conquer with Knowledge & Inclusion


Cracking the UPPSC PCS exam requires dedication, strategic planning, and the right toolbox. Here's a curated list of top reference books for both Prelims and Mains in 2024, emphasizing safety, inclusivity, and your personal growth:




  • Focus on static and current affairs:
    • General Studies (GS Paper I):
      • NCERT textbooks (History, Geography, Polity, Economy, Science): Build a strong foundation.
      • RS Sharma's Ancient India, Satish Chandra's Medieval India, Bipin Chandra's India Since Independence: Strengthen historical understanding.
      • M Laxmikanth's Indian Polity: Master basic principles of Indian governance.
      • Ramesh Singh's Indian Economy: Grasp key economic concepts and policies.
      • Manorama Year Book & Current Affairs Yearly by Arihant: Stay updated on recent events.
    • CSAT (Paper II):
      • Arihant's CSAT or Pearson's CSAT Practice Guide: Develop reasoning and analytical skills.




  • Deeper understanding and Uttar Pradesh focus:
    • GS Paper I & II: Similar books as Prelims, but delve deeper into topics.
    • GS Paper III (Science & Technology):
      • Science and Technology in India by Ravi P. Agrahari: Gain insights into scientific advancements.
      • Current Science magazines and online resources: Stay abreast of latest developments.
    • GS Paper IV (Ethics & Integrity):
      • Lexikon's Public Administration by M. Laxmikanth: Understand ethical dilemmas in governance.
      • Case Studies on Ethics & Integrity: Analyze real-world scenarios.
    • GS Paper V (General Hindi):
      • UPPSC Previous Year Solved Papers for Hindi: Familiarize yourself with the format and expectations.
      • UPPSC-specific Hindi grammar and writing resources: Hone your language skills.
    • GS Paper VI (UPPSC Special General Studies):
      • Uttar Pradesh Special General Studies by Vajiram and Ravi: Dive deep into UP-related topics.
      • Publications Division, Govt. of India's India Yearbook with focus on UP: Gain regional insights.


Additional Resources:


  • Official UPPSC website: Stay updated on notifications, syllabus, and exam patterns.
  • Online mock tests and practice drills: Simulate the exam format and analyze your performance.
  • Previous Year UPPSC Solved Papers: Understand question types and trends.
  • Coaching institutes and online resources: Consider guidance from experienced educators.




  • Prioritize safety and inclusivity: Foster a respectful environment, valuing diverse perspectives and backgrounds.
  • Maintain well-being: Balance studying with sleep, exercise, and stress management to optimize performance.
  • Embrace personal growth: Enjoy the learning journey, celebrate achievements, and seek continuous knowledge.


May your path towards the UPPSC PCS be fueled by dedication, knowledge, and unwavering respect for yourself and others. Go forth and conquer your dreams!


Note: This is a general guide, and you may need to adjust your book choices based on your individual strengths, weaknesses, and learning style. Consult with mentors or educators for personalized advice.




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