IB ACIO 2024 Exam Grade II: Preparation Tips, Syllabus, and Success Strategies

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IB ACIO Exam Analysis



The IB ACIO 2022 exam consists of three tiers: Tier I, Tier II, and Interview. Here is a section-wise analysis of the exam:


IB ACIO Tier I Exam

  • The Tier I exam is an objective-type test that comprises questions spread across five sections: General Awareness, Quantitative Aptitude, Numerical/Analytical/Logical Ability & Reasoning, English Language, and General Studies.
  • Each section has 20 questions, with a total of 100 questions carrying 100 marks.
  • The duration of the Tier I exam is one hour.


Overall Difficulty Level: Moderate to Difficult


Section-wise Difficulty Level:


  • General Awareness: Moderate to Difficult
  • Reasoning Ability: Moderate
  • Numerical Ability: Moderate to Difficult
  • English Language: Moderate
  • Quantitative Aptitude : Moderate to Difficult


Key Observations:


  • The General Awareness section was moderately difficult, with a focus on current affairs and Indian history.
  • The Reasoning Ability section was moderate, with a mix of verbal and nonverbal questions.
  • The Numerical Ability section was moderately difficult, with a mix of theoretical and problem-solving questions.
  • The English Language section was moderate, with a focus on grammar and vocabulary.
  • The Quantitative Aptitude section was moderately difficult, with a focus on banking concepts and financial calculations.


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IB ACIO Tier II Exam


  • The Tier II exam is a descriptive test of 50 marks, consisting of an Essay and English Comprehension & Precis Writing.
  • The duration of the Tier II exam is not specified in the search results.


Overall Difficulty Level: Moderate


Section-wise Difficulty Level:


  • Essay Writing: Moderate
  • Reading Comprehension & Precis Writing: Moderate


Key Observations:


  • The Essay Writing section was moderate, with a focus on current issues.
  • The Reading Comprehension & Precis Writing section was moderate, with a focus on understanding and summarizing complex texts.



  • The Interview carries a total of 100 marks.


Overall, the IB ACIO 2022 exam was moderately difficult, with a mix of conceptual and numerical questions. The questions were well-balanced and fair, and students who had a good understanding of the concepts and had practiced solving problems were able to do well in the exam.


For the Tier I exam, the difficulty level and good attempts for each section may vary. For example, the General Awareness and General Studies sections were reported to be moderate in difficulty, with around 11-12 and 15-16 good attempts, respectively.


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