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EaseToLearn is providing an exclusive interface for your CENTRAL ARMED POLICE FORCES (ASSISTANT COMMANDANTS) EXAMINATION (UPSC CAPF) 2023. Get the latest updated mock test series, UPSC CAPF AC previous year question papers, UPSC CAPF AC Main Question Bank, and Study material. Sign-up on Easetolearn UPSC CAPF AC Course to get a Mock Test of UPSC CAPF AC 2023 Exam.


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EaseToLearn Mock Tests with a Test Simulator for UPSC CAPF AC Examination

Attend Summative Assessments of EaseToLearn which is based on UPSC CAPF AC Exam latest exam patterns, syllabus, and questions - The experience gained on simulated exams will put any exam fears to rest.

  • Free users have the facility to take only one new mock test each day (Valid till two days) from our exam specific mock test series.
  • Subscribes users have facility to take more than 6 mock tests on daily basis. This UPSC CAPF AC Exam specific Online Mock Test Series will cover all the keywords / topics / subjects section-wise and will also provide you a series of complete mock tests.


EaseToLearn Mock test papers for UPSC CAPF AC examination are based on latest exam pattern created by our examination experts.

Below is Number of Mock Test –



Total 20 Mock Tests


Mock Test Simulator of UPSC CAPF AC:-

Test simulator of UPSC CAPF AC gives candidates a facility to simulate mock tests/Patterns of test for assessment and practice of UPSC CAPF AC Examination, The UPSC CAPF AC Exam tests are based on a set of predetermined specifications that include exam guidelines for the number of questions.

EaseToLearn UPSC CAPF AC Test Simulator is built with the following parameters:

  • Total number of question on each test
  • Total number of questions on each page.
  • Marks for the correct, incorrect and un-attempted responses (Candidates can choose their own grading scheme).
  • Duration of exam time
  • Question parameters, with prior exam patterns in mind, as shown below
  • Topics and sub-topics
  • Question count per topic/subtopic
  • Difficulty level: will be equivalent to the UPSC CAPF AC Examination.


You can take UPSC CAPF AC Mock Tests that are created by subject matter experts (SME), based on exam patterns from previous years' exams, or that you can use to simulate any number of new tests. Based on predetermined characteristics in the pattern, UPSC CAPF AC Tests are generated instantly and at random.


Each UPSC CAPF AC Test simulates an exam environment with unique questions that follow specific patterns using the above-described characteristics so that users can practise. (There may be rare occasions when some questions are duplicated.)


The UPSC CAPF AC Test Simulator experience will take away all of your exam fears.


Each user has a separate test history, and all UPSC CAPF AC tests are recorded in test history for further use.

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