NIFT BFTech Exam 2025: Important Dates & Registration Details

Stay updated on NIFT BFTech 2025 exam dates and essential registration details. Get updated study material, mock test and previous year question paper.

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NIFT-BFTech Syllabus

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Easetolearn will cover and provide you an updated syllabus of the NIFT B.FTech 2024 EXAM which covers topics- General Knowledge, General Studies, General Mental Ability, Quantitative Aptitude, Interpersonal Skills and Communication, Decision Making And Problem Solving and English. My Study Room of Easetolearn will provide you with study material on these NIFT B.FTech syllabus topics.


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The NIFT B.FTech 2024 syllabus for GAT includes five sections, namely Quantitative Ability, Communication Ability and English Comprehension, Analytical Ability and Logical Ability, General Knowledge and Current Affairs, and Case Study.




A. NIFT GENERAL ABILITY TEST (GAT): This test will comprise of various sub-tests as given below:

1) Quantitative Ability
2) Communication Ability
3) English Comprehension
4) Analytical Ability
5) General Knowledge and Current Affairs


1) Quantitative Ability: This sub-test is designed to test the quantitative ability of the candidates. The sub test consists of questions on Addition, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Percentage, Rate of Interest, Work and Task, Ratio and Proportion, and Distance.

2) Communication Ability: This sub-test is aimed at testing the language ability of the candidates in day to day communication in English. It includes questions on synonyms, antonyms, words with corresponding meanings, singular, plural, one word substitutes, idioms and phrases, correct spellings, etc.


3) English Comprehension: This sub-test is to test ones ability to comprehend a situation from a given passage.

4) Analytical Ability: This sub-test is designed to test the candidates inference and logic from the given information.

5) General Knowledge and Current Affairs: This sub-test is designed to test the candidates general knowledge and current affairs.


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FAQs related to the NIFT B.FTECH Exam Syllabus


  1. Q: What is the syllabus for the NIFT B.FTech Entrance Exam?
    • A: The syllabus typically covers topics related to quantitative ability, communication ability, English comprehension, analytical ability, and general knowledge. The detailed syllabus is mentioned in the official notification.


  1. Q: Are the topics the same for all specializations within the B.FTech program?
    • A: While there may be common elements in the syllabus, there could be variations depending on the specialization. Candidates are advised to check the detailed syllabus for their chosen specialization.


  1. Q: How can I obtain the official NIFT B.FTech Exam syllabus?
    • A: The official NIFT syllabus is usually available on the official NIFT website. Check the "Admissions" or "Examination" section for relevant information.


  1. Q: Are there changes in the NIFT B.FTech syllabus every year?
    • A: While the core subjects may remain similar, there can be updates or modifications in the syllabus. It's essential to check the latest notification for any changes.


  1. Q: Can I find sample papers based on the NIFT B.FTech syllabus for practice?


  1. Q: Are there any specific books for NIFT B.FTech Exam preparation?
    • A: EaseToLearn offer books specifically designed for NIFT B.FTech entrance exam preparation. These books often cover the entire syllabus.


  1. Q: How should I prepare for the quantitative ability section of the NIFT B.FTech Exam?
    • A: The quantitative ability section may include topics such as mathematics and numerical ability. Practice solving mathematical problems, including arithmetic, algebra, and geometry.


  1. Q: Is there a specific section for English comprehension in the NIFT B.FTech Exam?
    • A: Yes, English comprehension is typically a part of the General Ability Test (GAT) in the NIFT B.FTech Exam. It assesses candidates' understanding of the English language.


  1. Q: What is the weightage of general knowledge in the NIFT B.FTech Exam?
    • A: The weightage of general knowledge and the distribution of marks for different sections will be mentioned in the official exam notification.


  1. Q: Can I find online resources for NIFT B.FTech Exam syllabus preparation?
#Note: The information provided above is just an indicative information of what is provided, and available. We make no such claim about the accuracy and reliability of this information. For more accurate/current information, please visit or contact the concerned institute/college/authorities.