70th BPSC PCS Exam 2024: Dates, Syllabus, Registration, and Preparation

Prepare for the 70th BPSC PCS Exam 2024 with key dates, syllabus, registration details, and effective preparation strategies

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EaseToLearn is providing an exclusive interface for your BPSC Combined (Preliminary) Competitive Examination or BPSC PCS 2023 EXAMINATION. Get the latest updated mock test series, BPSC PCS previous year question papers, BPSC PCS Main Question Bank, and Study material. Sign-up on Easetolearn BPSC PCS Course to get a Mock Test of BPSC PCS 2023 EXAM


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EaseToLearn Mock Tests with a Test Simulator for BPSC PCS Examination

Attend Summative Assessments of EaseToLearn which is based on BPSC PCS Exam latest exam patterns, syllabus, and questions - The experience gained on simulated exams will put any exam fears to rest.

  • Free users have the facility to take only one new mock test each day (Valid till two days) from our exam specific mock test series.
  • Subscribes users have facility to take more than 6 mock tests on daily basis. This BPSC PCS Exam specific Online Mock Test Series will cover all the keywords / topics / subjects section-wise and will also provide you a series of complete mock tests.


EaseToLearn Mock test papers for BPSC PCS examination are based on latest exam pattern created by our examination experts.

Below is Number of Mock Test –



Total 20 Mock Tests


Mock Test Simulator of BPSC PCS:-

Test simulator of BPSC PCS gives candidates a facility to simulate mock tests/Patterns of test for assessment and practice of BPSC PCS Examination, The BPSC PCS Exam tests are based on a set of predetermined specifications that include exam guidelines for the number of questions.

EaseToLearn BPSC PCS Test Simulator is built with the following parameters:

  • Total number of question on each test
  • Total number of questions on each page.
  • Marks for the correct, incorrect and un-attempted responses (Candidates can choose their own grading scheme).
  • Duration of exam time
  • Question parameters, with prior exam patterns in mind, as shown below
  • Topics and sub-topics
  • Question count per topic/subtopic
  • Difficulty level: will be equivalent to the BPSC PCS Examination.


Elevate Your BPSC Preparation: Access Free Test Series for Enhanced Performance

Boost your BPSC (Bihar Public Service Commission) exam readiness with our complimentary test series. Practice and refine your skills with our meticulously designed tests, empowering yourself to reach greater heights in your BPSC examination journey.


Benefits of Taking the EaseToLearn BPSC Online Mock Test 

Preparing for the Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) exam involves various strategies, and utilizing online mock tests offers several advantages that significantly enhance your preparation. Here are the key benefits:


1.     Exam Simulation: Online mock tests simulate the actual BPSC exam environment, providing a real-time experience. Familiarizing yourself with the test format, time constraints, and interface helps reduce anxiety during the actual BPSC exam.


2.     Assessment of Preparedness: These BPSC tests serve as a yardstick to measure your preparedness. Analyzing your performance in mock tests helps identify strengths and weaknesses, enabling targeted improvement in specific areas.


3.     Time Management Skills: Practicing with timed online BPSC mock tests trains you to manage time effectively. Enhancing your speed and accuracy is crucial for completing the BPSC exam within the allocated time frame.


4.     Identifying Weak Areas: BPSC Mock tests highlight areas that require more focus. Analyzing test results allows you to pinpoint subjects or topics where improvement is needed, enabling you to allocate study time more efficiently.


5.     Adaptive Learning: Many online mock test platforms offer adaptive testing, tailoring subsequent questions based on your performance. This personalized approach ensures a focused practice regimen, optimizing your study efforts. 


6.     Revision and Reinforcement: Regularly taking BPSC mock tests aids in revising learned concepts and solidifying your understanding. Repetition through multiple BPSC tests reinforces essential topics, improving retention.


7.     Confidence Building: As you consistently perform well in BPSC mock tests, your confidence naturally grows. This confidence boost is invaluable during the actual BPSC exam, minimizing stress and enhancing performance.


8.     Error Analysis: Reviewing mistakes made in BPSC mock tests allows you to understand the nature of errors. This analysis helps in avoiding similar pitfalls during the actual BPSC exam.


9.     Accessibility and Convenience: BPSC Online mock tests offer flexibility and accessibility. You can practice anytime, anywhere, utilizing various devices, which is convenient for candidates with busy schedules.


10.  Benchmarking Performance: Comparing your BPSC mock test scores with peers or aspirants can serve as a benchmark. It offers insights into the competition level and motivates you to strive for better results.


Incorporating online mock tests into your BPSC exam preparation regimen is a proactive strategy to refine your skills, enhance confidence, and optimize your chances of success on the actual examination day.


FAQ Related to BPSC Online Mock Tests


1. What is a BPSC online mock test?

A BPSC online mock test is a simulated exam designed to replicate the format, difficulty level, and structure of the actual Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) exam. It's conducted online and aims to help candidates practice and prepare for the BPSC examination.


2. How do I access BPSC online mock tests?

There are EaseToLearn platforms that offer BPSC online mock tests. You can find these tests on dedicated EaseToLearn educational websites, BPSC exam preparation portals. Some may be free, while others might require registration or a subscription.


3. Are BPSC online mock tests beneficial for preparation?

Yes, BPSC online mock tests are highly beneficial for exam preparation. They simulate the exam environment, help in time management, assess your readiness, identify strengths and weaknesses, and offer a platform for practice and improvement.


4. Are these mock tests similar to the actual BPSC exam?

Efforts are made to ensure that BPSC online mock tests closely resemble the actual exam in terms of question formats, difficulty levels, and time constraints. While they may not be identical, they aim to provide a representative experience.


5. How many times can I take BPSC online mock tests?

The number of attempts for BPSC online mock tests depends on the platform offering the tests. EaseToLearn platforms might allow multiple attempts, while others may limit the number of attempts for each test.


6. Are there explanations for answers provided in the mock tests?

EaseToLearn BPSC online mock test platforms offer explanations for correct and incorrect answers. These explanations help in understanding the concepts and reasons behind the answers, aiding in learning and improvement.


7. Can I track my progress through these mock tests?

Yes, EaseToLearn online mock test platforms provide features to track and analyze your progress. They may offer performance analytics, scorecards, and insights into areas where improvement is needed.


8. Do these mock tests have time limits?

Yes, BPSC online mock tests often have time limits similar to the actual exam. This feature helps in practicing time management skills and getting accustomed to answering questions within the stipulated time frame.


9. Are BPSC online mock tests free or do they require payment?

There are both free and paid versions of BPSC online mock tests available. EaseToLearn platforms offer a few free tests as a trial, while comprehensive BPSC mock test series or premium features might require payment or subscription.


10. How do I choose the best BPSC online mock test platform?

Consider factors like the credibility of the platform, the number of tests offered, quality of questions, user reviews, availability of explanations, and whether the platform aligns with your learning preferences before choosing a BPSC online mock test platform.



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