MAH MBA CET 2025 Exam: Dates, Syllabus, Registration, and Preparation Guide

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MAH MBA CET Syllabus

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Syllabus for MAH CET MBA Exam is set and released every year officially by MH-SCETC which consists of consists of 4 sections, Logical, Quantitative Aptitude, Abstract Reasoning, and Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC). Students have to go through each section of the syllabus to score as possible as maximum mark to score and occupy good rank. As compared to other exams, MAH CET MBA exam has multiple choice objective-type questions comprised of Five options.




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1)    Logical/Abstract Reasoning

This section of MAH CET MBA syllabus measure how quickly and accurately a candidate can think. This part may have question based on figures and diagrams and also question on verbal reasoning which  will evaluate the reasoning skills of the candidate.

2)    Quantitative Aptitude

This section of MAH CET MBA syllabus include the questions to know how fast and accurate you can work with numbers, do numerical calculations, understand various arithmetic problems involving ratio and proportion, percentage, etc. This test also helps to measure your power of quantitative reasoning, interpretation of tables, common graphs and charts. 

3)    Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension

This section of MAH CET MBA syllabus will examine the English language skills of the candidates through questions on grammar, vocabulary, sentence completion, synonyms, antonyms, comprehension of passages etc. Candidate English language ability would be tested through questions on 
(1) Understanding of the contents of the passage
(2) Choice of appropriate words, phrases, expressions and similar language skills. 

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FAQs related to MAH MBA CET Exam Syllabus 2024


  1. What are the key sections covered in the MAH MBA CET syllabus?
    • The MAH MBA CET syllabus typically includes sections on Logical Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability, and Reading Comprehension.


  1. Can you provide more details about the Logical Reasoning section?
    • The Logical Reasoning section assesses a candidate's ability to think critically and solve problems. It may include questions on topics such as arrangements, blood relations, coding-decoding, etc.


  1. What is covered under the Abstract Reasoning section?
    • Abstract Reasoning evaluates a candidate's ability to identify patterns and relationships. Questions in this section may involve series completion, analogies, and figuring out the next element in a sequence.


  1. Tell me more about the Quantitative Aptitude section of the MAH MBA CET syllabus.
    • The Quantitative Aptitude section tests a candidate's mathematical skills. Topics covered may include arithmetic, algebra, geometry, statistics, and data interpretation.


  1. What can I expect in the Verbal Ability section?
    • The Verbal Ability section assesses language skills, including grammar, vocabulary, and verbal reasoning. It may include questions on sentence correction, fill in the blanks, antonyms, synonyms, etc.


  1. Describe the Reading Comprehension section in MAH MBA CET.
    • The Reading Comprehension section evaluates a candidate's ability to understand and interpret written passages. Questions may test comprehension, inference, and critical analysis.


  1. Is the MAH MBA CET syllabus subject to change every year?
    • While the core subjects remain consistent, there might be slight variations or updates in the syllabus. It's advisable to check the official website for the most current information.


  1. How can I prepare for the Abstract Reasoning section?
    • Practice solving various types of non-verbal reasoning questions, work on recognizing patterns, and improve your ability to identify relationships between elements.


  1. Are there any specific books or study materials recommended for MAH MBA CET preparation?
    • Candidates can refer to standard quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning, and English language books. Additionally, previous years' question papers and mock tests can be valuable for practice.


  1. Is the MAH MBA CET syllabus the same for all candidates, regardless of their category?
    • Yes, the syllabus is generally the same for all candidates, irrespective of their category. However, the eligibility criteria might vary.


  1. Are there any sectional time limits for the MAH MBA CET exam?
    • The exam typically has an overall time limit, but candidates have the flexibility to manage their time across sections.
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