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FMGE Exam Analysis

FMGE MCI Screening Test June 2023 Exam Analysis


Overall Difficulty: The overall difficulty of the FMGE June 2023 exam was perceived as moderate by 62.3% of the candidates, while 37.7% of the candidates considered it to be difficult. This indicates that the exam was challenging for some candidates, but fair overall.


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Question Types: The exam comprised three main types of questions:


  • Clinical questions (35.2%): These questions required candidates to apply their medical knowledge to real-world scenarios.
  • Concept-based questions (55.6%): These questions tested candidates' understanding of fundamental principles.
  • One-liner questions (9.3%): These questions assessed candidates' concise knowledge.


Subject Distribution: The questions were distributed across the following subjects:


  • Medicine (25%)
  • Surgery (25%)
  • Pediatrics (15%)
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology (15%)
  • Community Medicine (10%)
  • Pharmacology (10%)


Question Quality: The majority of candidates found the questions to be of good quality and relevant to the syllabus. However, a few candidates reported that some of the questions were ambiguous or difficult to interpret.


Overall Feedback: The overall feedback from candidates on the FMGE June 2023 exam was positive. Most candidates found the exam to be fair and challenging, but not impossible to pass.


Tips for Future Candidates:

  • Focus on developing a strong understanding of clinical concepts and principles.
  • Practice answering MCQs from a variety of sources, including previous year papers and mock tests.
  • Develop good time management skills so that you can complete the exam within the allotted time.
  • Stay calm and focused on the day of the exam.



The FMGE June 2023 exam was a fair and challenging exam that tested candidates' knowledge and skills across a wide range of medical subjects. Candidates who are well-prepared and have a strong foundation in clinical concepts should be able to pass the exam.


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