Indian Navy Agniveer MR Exam: Join Maritime Forces with Pride

Prepare for Indian Navy Agniveer MR Exam: Eligibility, Syllabus & Joining Details.

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EaseToLearn is providing an exclusive interface for your INDIAN NAVY AGNIVEER FOR MATRIC RECRUIT (MR) 2023 EXAMINATION. Get the latest updated Indian Navy AGNIVEER MR mock test series, Indian Navy AGNIVEER MR previous year question papers, Indian Navy AGNIVEER MR Main Question Bank, and Indian Navy AGNIVEER MR Study material. Sign up on Easetolearn-AGNIVEER MR-Course to get the Latest Indian Navy AGNIVEER MR Syllabus 2023.


Easetolearn will cover and provide you with an updated syllabus of the Indian Navy AGNIVEER MR 2023 EXAM which covers topics- Science, Mathematics, and General Awareness. My Study Room of Easetolearn will provide you with study material on these Indian Navy AGNIVEER MR 2023 Exam syllabus topics.


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1- Nature of Matter, Universe (Planets/ Earth/ Satellites/ Sun), Electricity and its applications

2- Force and Gravitation, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Work, Energy and Power

3- Heat, Temperature, metals and Non-Metals, Carbon and its Compounds, Measurements in Science, Sound & Wave Motion, Atomic Structure



1- Mathematical Simplification, Ratio and Proportion, Algebraic Identities, Linear Equations and Polynomials, Simultaneous Equations, Basic Trigonometry  

2- Simple Menstruation, Geometry, Measures of Central Tendency (Average, Median and Mode)

3- Interest, Profit, Loss and Percentage, Work, Time, Speed and Distance  




1- Geography: Soil, Rivers, Mountains, Ports, Inland, Harbors

2- Culture and Religion, Freedom Movement, Important National Facts about India, Heritage, Arts and Dance

3- History, Defence, Wars and neighbours, Awards and Authors, Discoveries, Diseases and Nutrition

4- Current Affairs, Languages, Capitals and Currencies, Common Names, Full Forms and Abbreviations

5- Eminent Personalities, National: Bird/Animal/Sport/Flower/Anthem/ Song/Flag/Monuments

6- Sports: Championships / Winners/ Terms/ Number of Players.

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