Types of Functions

Types of Functions

Types of functions in math are determined based on the domain, range and function expression. The expression applied to address the function is the principal defining factor for a function. Types of functions have been grouped into the below types:

Based on set elements

Based on equation

Based on range

Based on domain

Various types of functions are mentioned in the below table:

Based on Elements Injective(One-One Function)
  Surjective(Onto Function)
  Bijective(One-One and Onto Function)
  Into Function
  Many One Function
  Constant Function
Based on the Equation Identity Function
  Linear Function
  Quadratic Function
  Cubic Function
  Polynomial Function
Based on the Range Modulus Function
  Signum Function
  Even Functon
  Odd Functon
  Inverse Functon
  Greatest Integer Function
  Periodic Functon
  Rational Function
  Smallest Integer Function
Based on the Domain Trigonometric Function
  Inverse Trigonometric Function
  Algebraic Function