Simplification is the process of replacing a mathematical expression by an equivalent one, that is simpler, usually shorter.

In mathematics, simply or simplification is reducing the expression/fraction/problem in a simpler form.

It makes the problem easy with calculations and solving. We can —

  • simplify fractions by cancelling all the common factors from both the numerator and the denominator and writing the fraction in its lowest/simplest form.  
  • simplify mathematical expressions by grouping and combining similar terms. This makes the expression easily understandable and solvable.
Types of Simplification :-

Simplification questions will be ask in two ways, so you all have to know the both types,
  1. The first one is ‘Finding the missing number’.
  2. The second type of simplification question will be ‘the relation between the numbers and simplify the numbers using the rules of simplification’.
Simplification Tricks :-
  • Understand the VBODMAS Rule. (The Bodmas rule follows the order of the VBODMAS acronym ie V – Stands for vinculum or bar, B – Brackets, O – Order of powers or roots, D – Division, M – Multiplication A – Addition, and S – Subtraction. Mathematical expressions with multiple operators need to be solved from left to right in the order of BODMAS.
  •  If an expression contains brackets the expression within the brackets should be simplified first. (Brackets are solved in order of (), {} and [] respectively.
  • Learn the Concept of Digital Sum
  • Memorize the Reciprocals.
  • Quickly find cube roots and square root of a large number.