• Valcanoes are conical hills with a tunnelshaped hollow from which eruption of hot material (Lava) takes place. There are three types of volcanoes-(1) Active volcanoes from which smoke, lava etc. always come out e.g., Mt. Etna in Sicily (2) Dormant volcanoes which suddenly become active after having remained inactive for a long time, with a possibility of its cruption in future, e.g., Mt. Vesuvius IN Sicily, (3) Extinct Volcanoes which have not shown any activity for thousands of year, e.g., Mt. Popa in Myanmar.
  • Volcanic Mountains are Formed as a result of volcanic eruption & the outflow of lava (through crater, the opening). Also called Mountains of Accumulation. Have a gentle slope. Eg: Cotopaxi in Andes, Vesuvius and Etna in Italy, Fujiyama in Japan, Mauna Loa and Kilauea (Most active volcano) in Hawaii, Ojos del Salado in Argentina / Chile (Highest active volcano), Popocatepeti in Mexico, Raineer of Washington, Stromboli in Mediterranean (called Ligthouse of the Mediterranean), Mirapi and Krakatao in Indonesia, etc.