Rock Cycle




The Rock cycle is all about the change, and modification of rock from one form to another. The rock cycle is a continuous process through which old rocks are transformed and recrystallized into new ones. These rocks are modified due to great heat and pressure.

  • Igneous rocks are the primary rock that can transform into sedimentary rock and metamorphic rock with the process of lithification and metamorphism, respectively.
  • Igneous rocks and metamorphic rocks, due to weathering and erosion, can be transformed into small fragments.
  • The fragments of igneous and metamorphic rocks can also be changed into sedimentary rock with the help of cementation and lithification.
  • The crustal rock (igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary) meltdown when carried down into the mantle through the process of subduction.
  • The cycle completes when the molten magma comes out from the volcanic vent and forms igneous rock.