Mixed Diagrams (DI)

Mixed Graph Questions in DI 

Combination of two (or sometimes more) types of data representation, which are :

  • Pie Chart and Data Table
  • Data Table and Line Graph
  • Bar Graph and Line Graph
  • Pie Chart and Line Graph
  • Pie Chart and Pie Chart

Important Points : 

  • Sometimes, only one form of data representation may not be adequate to fully describe all the facets of the situation.
  • In such cases, where the desired parameter may be a function of two or three variables, the data may be presented as a combination of two or more forms of data presentation.
  • Identify the kind of data being presented in each format and establish a functional relationship between the various formats. We look for the common parameter that connects the different formats.
  • At times, when one graph gives the data of different categories or years, the other graph might give more details about a single category or year.
  • More skillful Interpretation is required, since one needs to analyze two or more graphs at a time. 
  • Suitable for complex, practical situations where there are multiple facets for each situation. 


Example : 

Study the following graph and table carefully and answer the questions given below it.

Question : 

What is the percentage of candidates qualified from states 'A' and 'C' together of the total candidates appeared? 

Solution : 

Number of Candidates qualified from States A and C together
= 49/100 x 15/100 x 300000 + 61/100 x 18/100 x 300000
= 22050 + 32940 = 54990
Required percentage = 54990/300000 x 100 = 18.33%

 Example : 

Bar-graph shows number of candidates appeared (in lakh) in different years and line graph shows percentage of candidate qualified in examination over the years.


What was the ratio between number of candidates appeared in 2009 to Number of candidates qualified in 2016?


Required Ratio = 500000 : 40100×3500000 

= 500000 : 1400000 = 5 : 14