Number to Letter Coding

In Number to Letter Coding, alphabetical code values are assigned to the numbers.

In number coding, numerical code is assigned to the word or the alphabetical letters and we have to required to analyze the codes as per the correlation between these numbers and letters. This correlation is based on certain pattern according to the position of letters in this English alphabet as per a set of given rules.


Circular Arrangement of Letters in English Alphabet

Clockwise Arrangement


Anti-clockwise Arrangement


Example : In a certain code, 2 is coded as P, 3 as N, 9 as Q, 5 as R, 4 as A and 6 as B. How is 599423 coded in that code?

Solution : RQQAPN

Clearly, as given 5 is coded as R, 9 as Q, 4 as A, 2 as P and 3 as N. So, 599423 is coded as RQQAPN.

Example : In a certain code, 3456 is coded as ROPE, 15526 is coded as APPLE, then how is 54613 coded?

Solution : P O E A R 

the numbers are coded as follows:

3    4    5    6     1    2
R   O    P   E     A   L

Thus, 5 is coded as P, 4 as O, 6 as E, 1 as A and 3 as R. So, 54613 as coded as P O E A R.