Classification (Odd Man Out) Test


In ODO questions, students are supposed to identify the odd entity, which stands out and is not a part of the scheme, thereby testing the ability to spot a consistent logical relationship between groups of words or letters or numbers. The one that does not satisfy the relationship is the Odd man out.

Classification is based on

1) Letters

2) Word

3) Numerals

In order to keep a consistent relationship between your words you have to

  • Have the knowledge of correct word meaning
  • Use your reasoning power to discover the inherent relationship

A good example:

A) Mania B) pneumonia C) Influenza D) Cholera

We can clearly identify here that options B, C, D are names of diseases but fact to consider here is that all the 3 diseases are caused by viruses. However, mania is also a disease but it does not fit into the relationship here as it is not a bacterial/viral disease but a psychological disorder. So clearly the Odd Man out here is option A) mania.

Directions: In each of the following questions, five items have been given out of which four are alike in some manner and the fifth one is different. Choose out the odd one.


1) HK       2) BD            3) FI             4) MP            5) SV

Answer: (2)

     Every other group of letters has a gap of two alphabets.



     1) 84         2) 120         3) 72           4) 108          5)98                 

Answer: (5) 

     The numbers except 98 are multiples of 12. Hence, 98 is odd one out.


     1) Clove     2) Cinnamon     3) Pepper     4) Apricot         5) Cardamom

Answer: (4) 

     An apricot is a dry fruit and the rest are spices.