Problems on Water Images

Water Image: The reflection of an object as seen in water is called its water image.  It is the inverted image obtained by turning the object upside down.

Remark 1: The letters whose water-images remain unchanged are:

                C,    D,    E,    H,    I,     K,    O    and    X

Remark 2: Certain words which have identical water-images are:

                KICK,   KID,   CHIDE,    HIKE,   CODE,     CHICK

Directions: In each one of the following examples, choose the correct water-image of the figure from amongst the four alternatives (a), (b), (c), (d) given along with it.




Suggested method

This is same as to that of mirror images.  A water image is an image that would have been formed if the mirror was kept below the object instead of being its right. Hence, try to find the image of the given object by placing an imaginary mirror below the object. For greater convenience, you may turn the book itself by 90° anti-clockwise and the problem would become exactly a mirror image problem as shown below: