Problems on Paper Cutting

In this type of questions a paper is folded twice (or may be more) and then a cut (or some cuts) is/are made on it. You have to imagine what the paper would look like when it is unfolded back to what it originally was. Usually a set of three figures is given to show the manner in which the paper is folded and the paper is cut.  In the first two figures a dotted line together with an arrow on it is given, showing the position and direction of folding.  In the third figure there are marks showing the position and nature of the cut made in the folded sheet.  The examinee has to select one of the figures from the set of four answer figures a, b, c and d that would most closely resemble the paper when unfolded.

The best, easiest and yet the quickest methods to solve the problems would be to use the method of backtracking with the concept of symmetry and reflection.  The underlying concept is that when a fold is made on a paper and then a cut is made on the folded half, then the cut would appear on either sides of the half (when the paper is unfolded) and the two cuts would be symmetrically placed about the line of fold.