World’s Great Structures (Building)




Name and Brief Description


Largest airport

King Khalid International Airport, 223, sq. km, having world’s largest control tower, 74 m high

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Largest airport (roofed)

King Abdul Aziz International Airport, 103 sq km area

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Highest airport

Lhasa airport at 4,363 m


Lowest airport

Schiphol International Airport, 3.9 m below sea level


Busiest airport

Chicago O’Hare International Airport

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Longest steel arch bridge

New River Gorge Bridge, 518.2 m long

West Virginia, USA

Longest combined highway and railway bridge

The Yangtse River bridge 6,772 m rail deck and 4,589 raod deck

Nanking, China

Longest railway bridge

Huey P. Long bridge, 7,009 m

Metairie, Lousiana, USA

Highest road bridge

Bailey bridge built by the Indian army, 30 m long atAn altitude of 5,600 m

Khardungla, Ladakh

Highest river bridge

Royal Gorge, 321 m above sea level on the river

Arkansas, 268 m long


Highest railway bridge

Fades bridge on the river Sioule, 144 m long and 132.5 m above the river

Clermont Ferrand, France

Longest rail line

Trans-Siberian line from Moscow to Nakhodka,

9,438 km


Tallest office building


Sear Towers, 110 storeys, 443 m high

Chicago, Illinois


Largest church

Basillica of St Peter built in 1492-1612, length

186.33, area  15.142 sq m

Vatican City, Rome

Largest Cathedral

Diocese of New York, area 11,240 sq km

New York

Largest Mosque (in ruins)

At-Malawiya mosque of at-Mutawakil, dimensions 238.9 m % 156 m

Smarra, Iraq

Largest mosque in use

Umayad mosque, 157 m % 97 m, covering an area of 3.76 acres

Damascus, Syria


Largest mosque under


Merdeka mosque, 45 m dia, can accommodate 50,000 people

Jakarta, Indonesia

Largest temple

Angkor Vat, 162.6 ha area, build for Lord Vishnu by Khmer King Suryarman-II during 1113-50 AD



Largest railway station

Grand Central Terminal, in 48 acres on two levels with 41 tracks on upper level and 26 on the lower

Park Avenue,

New York

Highest railway station

Condor station at 4786 m height on Rio Mulato to Potosi line



Longest railway platform

Kharagpur railway platform, measuring 833 m in length


West Bengal

Largest wall

The Great Wall of China, 3,460 km



Tallest tower

CN Tower, 555.33 m high

Metro Centre, Toronto

Tallest tower under fabrication

Tokyo 2001 AD tower, 800 m high

Tokyo, Japan

Largest stadium

Strahov Stadium. It can accommodate 240,000 spectators

Prague, Czech


Tallest bank building

Bank of Montreal, 72 storeys, 284.98 m high

Toronto, Canada

Largest sea  port

Port of New York and New Jersey, navigable water front of 1215 km


Largest library

The Library of Congress. The buildings contain 64.6 acres of floor space and 532 miles of bookshelves

Capital Hill,

Washington DC

Oldest university

University of Karueein, founded AD 859


Largest university building

University of Riyadh

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Largest open university

Indira Gandhi National Open University, 2 lakhs students on rolls in January 1993

New Delhi

Largest monolithic statue

Statue of Buddha, weighing 350 tonnes and 17.2 m high

Hussain Sagar lake,


Longest road

Pan-American Highway, 27387 km

North-west Alaska to

Southern-most Chile

Highest road

13 km stretch of Kang-ti-suu between Khaleb and Hsin-Chi-Fu


Largest school

South Point High School, over 12,500 students on rolls


Highest filling station

Petrol pump at Leh at 3,658 m operated by Indian Oil

Leh, Ladakh


  World Famous Structures:





 Al-Aqsa Mosque


Islam's third holiest place

Angkor Vat






A Hindu temple complex (Lord Vishnu's) built by the Khmer King  Suryavarman-II in the period 1113-1150. It is considered th largest Religious Structure.

Big Ben


A huge clock on the tower of the British Parliament installed in the year 1859.

Brandenburg Gate


Main gate between the erstwhile east and west Berlin.

 Bridge of Sighs


  Venice (Italy)


A bridge on which condemned prisoners had to pass over before being  executed.



Broadest street in the world

Buckingham Palace


Palace of the British Monarch since Queen victoria's accession in 1837.

C.N. Tower


World's tallest free standing structure, 553.33 m high.

10, Downing Street


Official residence of the Prime Minister of England.

Elysee Palace


Official residence of President of France.



One of the largest palaces in Spain.



Inner shrine of the great Mosque of Mecca.



A five-sided building, houses the ministry of defence of the USA.

Red Square, Kremlin




An open ground attached to the Kremlin and used for processions and demonstrations.

Wall Street

   New York

Stock Exchange of New York.

White House


Official residence of the President of USA since 1800 AD.

White Hall



The seat of British Govt. offices, the former residence of the Queen of England.