Simple Analogy

Analogies make a parallel comparison based on a similar characteristic or feature. A simple analogy contains two pairs of words with similar relationships. In literature, there are often more complex analogies that compare parallel concepts to create vivid descriptions.

There are seven primary types of relationships used in our analogies: function, degree, lack, characteristic, type/kind, part to whole, and definition.

Example : 'Author' is related to 'Book' in the same way as 'Choreographer' is related to ...

Solution : Ballet

First composes the second.

Example: Soap is related to Wash in the same way as Broom is related to ...

Solution : Sweep

Second denotes the function of the first.

Example : Pride is related to Humility in the same way as Desire is related to ______?

Solution : Hate

The words in each pair are antonyms of each other.

Example : Joule is related to Energy in the same way as Pascal is related to _____?

Solution : Pressure

Joule is the unit of energy and Pascal is the unit of pressure.

Example : Tobacco is related to Nerves in the same way as Alcohol is related to _____?

Solution : Liver

Consumption of first adversely affects the second.