Complete Word Analogy

An Complete word Analogy is a pair of words, numbers or objects that are connected by some rule or by similarity. The word analogy means comparison between two things for the sake of clarification. For example, a couple names their first child A, their second child as B, their third child as C and so on. 

What we do in the analogy is that first we find the rule or relation connecting a given set of data or information and use this rule to predict or guess an unknown value.

Example : Complete analogous pair 

Clock : Time : : Thermometer : ?

Solution : Temperature

First is an instrument to measure the second.

Example : Complete analogous pair 

Monday : Saturday : : Thursday : ?

Solution : Tuesday

Second is five days ahead of the first. 

Example : Complete analogous pair 

Genuine : Authentic : : MIrage : ?

Solution : Illusion

The words is each pair are synonyms of each other. 

Example : Complete analogous pair 

Boat : Ore : : Bicycle : ?

Solution : Pedal

Second denotes that path of the first, on which the effort is applied.