Alphabet Analogy

As the Alphabet Analogy stands, analogy means a correspondence, a relationship between something and someone. In these questions, a group of two words is given we have to establish a relationship between them and then find the answer based on such relationship.

In this type of questions, two groups of alphabets related to each other in same way, are given. The candidate is required to find out this relationship and choose a group of alphabets which is related in the same way to a third group provided in the question.

Position of Alphabet letters : 

Example : Find out this term.
NAD : JXA : : RUN : ?

Solution : ORK

Each letter of the first group is moved three steps backward to obtain the corresponding letter of the second group.

Example : Find out this term.

OWEG : NZDJ :: TRIB : ? 

Solution : SUHE 

The pattern is :
O → (-1) → N
W → (+3) → Z
E → (-1) → D
G → (+3) → J
T → (-1) → S
R → (+3) → U
I → (-1) → H
B → (+3) → E
So, the code of TRIB = SUHE.

Example : Find out this term.

'CIRCLE' is related to 'RICELC' in the same way as 'SQUARE' is related to ....

Solution : UQSERA

The first three letters and the last three letters of the first group are written in a reverse order to obtain the second group.