Rearrangement of Sentences in Paragraph


      14.        Rearrangement of Sentences in Paragraph                                                     

14.1   Rearrangement of Sentences in Paragraph

14.1.1    Strategies for Rearrangement of Sentences in Paragraph


14.1 Rearrangement of Sentences in Paragraph 

In many objective English tests, questions of rearrangement of jumbled sentences into a logical coherent paragraph are asked. You are asked to do such questions in shortest possible time. Such questions are designed to test your ability to analyse and evaluate the relationships among different independent sentences of a paragraph and to synthesis them into a logical and harmonious order.

In these types of questions you are given a jumbled paragraph. Basically, you are given a paragraph - but the sentences are not in the right order. You have to rearrange the sentences so that they logically make sense.


A. among them in their own country.

B. have naturally no more doubt

C. those that seen the hindus

D. of their existence than they have

E. of the existence of other people






Ans: (4)

Explanation: first look for the subject, only (c) begins with the pronoun (those),that is he subject, and it needs a verb in (plural) so the choice ends with ‘b’  as it begins with verb ‘have’. Now look at doubt which is followed by preposition ‘of’. So the choice rests on (d) and (e), both begin with ‘of’. Now look for other clues, choice (b) has comparative word ‘more’ which is followed by [‘than’. So, sentence ends with (d). From order CBD, it is clear that two existences are being compared. So choice ‘e’ follows‘d’. So the correct order is ‘CBDEA’. So the answer is choice (4).

Under this topic you may encounter a slightly different format where you are again given a jumbled paragraph .Your first step is to rearrange the sentences in their proper order and then answer the questions that follow. The only difference between both the formats (one that is mentioned above) is in the first one you have to select the option which has logical order of sentences. But in this format you are supposed to answer some questions in which you have to tell the order of sentences separately. Like, which is the first sentence of the paragraph?  Or, which is the last sentence of the paragraph?


A. Other factors are important in determining whether a stock market decline causes an economic setback.

B. We tend to associate a stock market crash with an economic slump.

C. The two important factors are the impact on the banking sector and policy response to the crash.

D. That is because we have seen such a link several times in the past.

E. But there is no automatic link between the stock market crash and the economic downturn, say expert.

F. For example, the Great Depression followed the Great Crash of 1929 in the US.

1. Which of the following should be the FIRST statement after rearrangement?

1) A            2) B             3) C               4) D                5) E

Ans: (2)

2. Which of the following should be the SECOND statement after rearrangement?

1) A           2) B               3) C               4) D               5) E

Ans: (4)

3. Which of the following should be the THIRD statement after rearrangement?

1) B            2) C              3) D              4) E                 5) F

Ans: (4)

4. Which of the following should be the FOURTH statement after rearrangement?

1) A           2) B                3) C              4) D               5) E

Ans: (1)

5. Which of the following should be the FIFTH statement after rearrangement?

1) A          2) B                 3) C             4) D                 5) E

Ans: (3)

14.1.1 Strategies for Rearrangement of Sentences in Paragraph:

1. Find proper opening sentences.

2. Look for concluding sentences.

3. Look for connecting sentences.

4. Look for keywords: Sometimes sentences aren't able to stand on their own. They use pronouns and other keywords which can help you find the order of the sentences.

For example: He, she, it, him, her, they

5. Look for transitions.

This will help you link sentences together.

For example:

Besides, although, but, yet, however, also, while, therefore, in addition, for example, fortunately/unfortunately.

Exercise for practice

Rearrangement of sentence in paragraph. 

1) 1. Sunbirds are among the smallest of Indian birds.

    P    Though they are functionally similar to the humming birds of the New world, they are totally unrelated.

    Q    They do eat small insects too.

    R    They are also some of the most brilliantly coloured birds.

    S    Sunbirds feed on nectar mostly and help in pollination.

    6. Our common sunbirds are the purple sunbird, the glossy black species and purple

rumped sunbird, the yellow and maroon species.  

     The proper sequence should be:

     a SQPR                            b RPSQ

     c QPRS                            d QSRP

2) 1.For some time Abraham Lincoln worked as a postmaster at New Salem.

    P     At this time he began to study law.

    Q     He used to read the newspapers before he delivered them.

    R     For this purpose, he used to borrow law books from lawyers who were his friend.

    S      He carried the letters and newspapers in his hat for distribution.

    6 .By the time he was twenty – eight he became a full-fledged lawyer.

     The proper sequence should be:    

     a     PSQR                    b     SQPR

     c     QRSP                    d      RQPS

3.) 1. For millions of years the moon has been going round the earth.

     P     As the artificial satellites speed along, they tend to go straight off into Space.

     Q     During this time, the moon has the only satellite of the earth.

     R      Today, however, the earth has many other satellites, all made by men.

     S      The pull of the earth keeps them from doing this.

     6. As a result, they travel in an orbit round the earth.

     The proper sequence should be:

     a      QRPS                            b      QPSR

     c      RPQS                            d       RSQP         

4.) 1. In 1945, America faced two powerful enemies in the World War.

     P      America found convention weapons insufficient to crush them.

     Q      These were Germany and Japan, who posed strong opposition to  America.

     R      The result of this was the production of the Atom Bomb.

     S      The government ordered scientists to conduct research and produce a new, deadly weapon.

      6. This was the weapon that ended the Second World War.                      

      The proper sequence should be:

      a      QPSR                           b      PQRS

      c      QPRS                           d      PQSR

5.) 1. Advertising is also advantageous to the consumer in that it increases the sale of goods; the industry prospers; and prices may be reduced.     

    P       There is no obvious connection, for example, between a picture of a      

              smiling girl and a certain brand of sweets.

    Q       The advertiser’s assumption is that by looking at such pictures, the

              consumer would be influenced to buy his products.

     R      On the other hand, much of the canvassing of which the consumer is

              the object does not convey information, but Endeavour’s merely to draw the  

              public attention to certain products.

     S       But most people like looking at pictures of pretty girls.

     6.Advertising of this particular kind is planned to stimulate new wants or to induce buyers to change their habits.

         The proper sequence should be:

          a     RQSP                         b      SPRQ

          c     RPSQ                         d      SQRP 


1. b,          2. b,          3. a,          4. a,           5. c,