Computer Introduction

1.Introduction to Computers

The word Computers come from the word “Compute” which means “to calculate”. A computer is usually considered to be an Electronic calculating device that performs Arithmetic operation at a very high speed. But the purpose of its invention as a fast calculating device was merely lost. But today it is used as a Data Processor.

More accurately, we can define a computer as a device that operates upon data. Data is nothing but the raw material. Data can be anything like marks obtained by students in various subjects when used for preparing results; resumes of the applicants when Computer used for short listing candidates for recruiting, etc.

A computer can store, process and retrieve data. The Computer not only computes the data but also perform other functions with data such as arranging in sequence (sort), merging (process of mixing or putting together) and so on. Data is the input and after processing the output is the information which met some specific goals.