D and F Block Elements


The elements lying in the middle of periodic table belonging to groups 3 to 12 are known as d – block elements.

Features of d-block elements:

           The general electronic configuration of d-block elements is (n −1)d1─10 ns1─2, where (−1) stands for the inner d orbitals.

           In d-block, each horizontal row consists of ten elements as d-subshell can accommodate a maximum of 10 electrons.

           The d-block elements having incompletely filled d-subshell are called transition metals.

           Zinc, cadmium, mercury having the general electronic configuration as (–1)d10 ns2, are not regarded as transition metals due to completely filled d – orbital.

           There are mainly three series of the transition metals:

3d series starts with Sc (Z = 21) and ends with Zn (Z = 30)

4d series starts with Y (Z = 39) and ends with Cd (Z = 48)

5d series starts with La (Z = 57) and ends with Hg (Z = 80)