Stoichiometry as the calculation of products and reactants in a chemical reaction. It is basically concerned with numbers.

Stoichiometry is an important concept in chemistry that helps us use balanced Chemical equations to calculate amounts of reactants and products. Here, we make use of ratios from the balanced equation. In general, all the reactions that take place are dependent on one main factor, how much substance is present.

 Stoichiometry helps us determine how much substance is needed or is present. Things that can be measured are;

  • Reactants and Products mass
  • Molecular weight
  • Chemical equations
  • Formulas


Stoichiometric Coefficient

Stoichiometric coefficient or stoichiometric number is the number of molecules that participate in the reaction. If you look at any balanced reaction you will notice that there are an equal number of elements on both sides of the equation. The stoichiometric coefficient is basically the number present in front of atoms, molecules or ions.

Stoichiometric coefficients can be fractions as well as whole numbers. In essence, the coefficients help us to establish the mole ratio between reactants and products.