Alloy –

Alloys are mixtures of two or more metals or a metal and a non-metal and cannot be separated into their components by physical methods.

Properties of alloys :

The properties of alloys are different from the properties of constituent metals.

  • Alloys are stronger than the metal which they are made.
  • More resistant to corrosion.
  • Have lower melting point.
  • Have lower electrical conductivity.






Cu + Zn

In making utensils.


Cu + Sn

In making coins, bell and utensils.

German Silver

Cu + Zn + Ni

In making utensils.

Rolled Gold

Cu + Al

In making cheap ornaments.

Gun Metal

Cu + Sn + Zn + Pb

In making guns, barrels, gears and bearings.

Dutch metal

Cu + Zn

In making artificial ornaments.

Delta metal

Cu + Zn + Fe

In making blades of aeroplane.

Munz metal

Cu + Zn

In making coins.

Monel metal

Cu + Ni

For base containing container.

Rose metal

Bi + Pb + Sn

For making automatic fuse.


Al + Cu + Mg + Mn

For making utensils.


Al + Mg

For frame of aeroplane.


Pb + Sn

For soldering.

Type metal

Sn + Pb + Sb

In printing industry.

Bell metal

Cu + Sn

For casting bells and statues.

Stainless steel

Fe + Cr + Ni + C

For making utensils and surgical cutlery.

Nickel steel

Fe + Ni

For making electrical wire, automobile parts.