Main Branches of Biology

Some of the main branches of biology are briefly discussed below:

1.  Taxonomy: It is the science of identification, nomenclature, and classification of organisms.
2.  Morphology: It is the study of external form, size, shape, color, structure, and relative position of various living organs of living beings.
3.  Anatomy: It is the study of internal structure which can be observed with unaided eye after dissection.
4.  Histology: It is the study of tissue organization and structure as observed through the light microscope.
5.  Cytology: It is the study of the form and structure of cells including the behavior of the nucleus and other organelles
6.  Cell Biology: It is the study of morphological, organizational, biochemical, physiological, genetic, developmental, pathological, and evolutionary aspects of a cell and its components.
7.  Molecular Biology: It is the study of the nature, physicochemical organization, synthesis working, and interaction of bio-molecules that bring about and control various activities of the protoplasm.
8.  Physiology: It is the study of different types of body functions and processes.
9.  Embryology: It is the study of fertilization, growth, division, and differentiation of the zygote into an embryo or early development of living beings before the attainment of structure and size of the offspring.
10.  Ecology: It is the study of living organisms in relation to other organism and their environment.
11.  Genetics: It is the study of the inheritance of characters or heredity and variations. Heredity is the study of expression and transmission of traits from parents to offspring.
12.  Eugenics: It is the science that deals with factors related to the improvement or impairment of race, especially that of human beings.
13.  Evolution: It studies the origin of life as well as new types of organisms from the previous ones by modifications involving genetic changes and adaptations.
14.  Palaeontology: It deals with the study of fossils or remains and impressions of past organisms present in the rocks of different ages.
15.  Exobiology: It is the branch of scientific inquiry dealing with the possibility of life in outer space.
16.  Virology: It is the study of viruses in all their aspects.